Runner on Skis

I am now testing my ability with skiing, recently backcountry skiing.


When I say backcountry, I mean Alaskan backcountry. I am strapping my skis, on a late spring day, to my backpack and climbing lichen splattered rock in ski boots. I am navigating ridge lines that resemble Lord of the Rings Mordor while making sure I don’t kill myself with a ski pole. I become a cat stuck in a tree as my legs climb powder like an animal while safely on skins, but my mind forgets that I must come down. The comfort I have in the mountains has led me here, but adding the skiing element has taken my knowledge and squashed it; it made me believe that I had a fear of heights, or somehow I had no experience of scrambling. Attaching all this ‘stuff’ to my climb had now made me uncomfortable in a place I find the most comfort. Continue reading

Anxiety and Your Best Self

Life does not have to be complicated.

We are going to fail, piss people off, and burn a bridge or two. We are going to have anxiety that makes us feel inadequate. But in this life, we are going to surprise ourselves, meet new friends, have great adventures, and, hopefully, get a few laughs along the way. The journey to obtain the best version of yourself isn’t some unsolvable riddle. As long as you embrace the suck, happiness is waiting for you.


Mother’s Day Adventure Above the Clouds

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