Trail & Gear Report

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Nov. 2017- With the booming of Fat Bikes, Campbell trails are packed down and so much fun to run!

Starting at the Campbell Airstrip Trailhead, following the “exit” side out of the parking lot, across the Campbell Airstrip Rd, taking the trail that starts just off the other side.

The fat tire bikes and other foot traffic have made the trail pretty leveled, I didn’t twist around much in the new snow. I was instantly out of the wind, but the temp still froze my face. I was wearing my IceBugs, but the trail wasn’t in bad enough shape to need them (they helped with some of the climbs). If you stay straight on the trail, you’ll find yourself going up a short but steep hill, merge a little left after cresting the hill and you’ll see a trail going through the trees immediately to your right. Both of these sections were a little snowed in and I wish I had Outdoor”>gaiters to stop snow from freezing my ankles. The trail will take you straight through the open/swamp area instead of going around it; this can only be accessed in the winter. I am not sure if there is a name for this area but it is a very popular route. This section is packed in well and was the fastest part of my run. Once across the open/swamp area, there is an intersection post, follow the sign and go left towards the Moose Ridge trail; this will eventually take you to the Tank Trail. The Moose Ridge trail has been well used and made for easy running. I was able to run a good effort pace and stayed out of the wind majority of the time. I could feel the temp rise a smidge, I stayed pretty relaxed and warm while picking up the pace.

The Tank Trail was obviously well used. There has been enough traffic to have a great run on it. The traction was great and the only icy part was across the little bridge. I chose to run up and down the powerline (Right Side) instead of continuing on the Tank Trail. On the little climbs up the powerline, it was nice to have the IceBugs for better traction but there were no extreme icy spots. The powerline section had great traction and even with facing the wind head-on, I was able to hold my ground well. Once I was satisfied, I simply turned around and took the same way back. I had forgotten about the low sun and realized I’d be running back in the dark so I had no choice but to take the same path back! If you are starting your run late… DON’T FORGET YOUR Black”>HEADLAMP!



I am new to buying shoes with studs already in them. I still primarily use an old pair of trail shoes I screw studs in for my winter training. But these shoes have been a great investment. I would suggest wearing thicker socks, my feet seem to get cold quicker than in other shoes. Ironic. There are many selections on Amazon. If you are shopping in the Anchorage area, you can find them anywhere. My favorites are Skinny Raven and Second Run Consignment (when they get them!).


My go-to jacket the last couple of winters has been the Salomon S-Lab Motion, but really all the mid layer jackets Salomon offers are amazing. I like this one because I can layer with a long sleeve and not overheat. The pockets will fit my iPhone 8 but nothing bigger. For my personal opinion, I can go without another layer down to 8-10 degrees…anything colder and I easily zip on a vest. Again, if you are shopping in the Anchorage area, check out Skinny Raven and Second Run Consignment for great deals.Salomom” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>