Anxiety and Your Best Self

Life does not have to be complicated.

We are going to fail, piss people off, and burn a bridge or two. We are going to have anxiety that makes us feel inadequate. But in this life, we are going to surprise ourselves, meet new friends, have great adventures, and, hopefully, get a few laughs along the way. The journey to obtain the best version of yourself isn’t some unsolvable riddle. As long as you embrace the suck, happiness is waiting for you.


Mother’s Day Adventure Above the Clouds

It’s easy to be hard on ourselves, to believe our mistakes are life sentences. We cannot always fix that we are the villain in someone’s story, but we can try to be better for the next person. Yet, in the end, the person we should be most concerned with impressing?


Anxiety adds pressure to perform. The ego can easily play tricks as the love for the adventure hides in the backseat. Fear can be a reckless driver and a voice to receive terrible advice. Yet, when life seems to be crashing down, a walk always helps. Adventuring is a time when the mind gets to stop, ease up on the guilt trip, and allow the freedom of getting outside to take back the wheel.

The refreshing thing about anxiety is that it’s a chance to become mentally healthy. It’s a moment where you have to look inside yourself and believe in more than just the negative voice. As you feel the rotten sound spewing in your brain, the pep talk needs to start turning. It’s a difficult task, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned with all the mistakes, defeating the fear that you’re not good enough releases you from your prison.

Allow yourself to be free. We are all here to figure ourselves out, and that’s not always going to be a smooth ride. If you think you’re doing it wrong, believe that over 7.5 billion people are also trying to do this thing called life.

Is anyone out there perfect?

I like to tell my anxiety that perfect is boring, that what’s the point of having this conscious mind if we play it safe?

So when those moments of darkness try to tell you that no one likes you, give up, or you’re all alone in this life, believe that you are better than that. When you don’t obtain your goals, and it seems like this is all a waste of time, think that your time is coming; keep showing up. Misery does not need company; prosperity is waiting for you at the door. So get out of your mind, out of your dark hole, and do something that scares you a little. Walk out the door, forgive yourself, and be better than yesterday.

You might fail, but you might have the best time of your life.

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